Sixty to seventy thousand thoughts come to our brain in one day. Which is the worst and the most negative – the thought of what people will think and what people will say.

This is the only reason why our dreams are shattered the most in the world.

Now what else will people say or think if you think about it then what else will people say. Everything you have thought of before and are walking backwards.

If someone compliments you become happy and if someone says bad things about you become sad then you have become a puppet in his hand. The remote of your happiness and sorrow is now in the hands of all these people.

But since life is yours, don’t give the remote of your life to anyone else. Then the stability of peace in your life will be less and the stability of unrest will be more.

What happens to people, people go to fruit shops and ask for jingles, brother, the fruit would be sweet? And he goes home and eats the fruit with salt. So get rid of this worry about what people will say or what they will think. So you don’t have to waste your time to prove yourself.

Let people think what they think, let people say what they say. Because people’s words can’t change everyone’s thoughts.

People will understand just as much as he deserves.

Don’t forget one thing, in today’s world everyone understands their own interests. But no one understands the interests of others. So whatever you say, hold on to your smile.

Because the value of emotions is very low in this world. So save it for someone special.

Many in this world do business with friendships and relationships. He loves to keep hatred in his mind and speak sweet words in his mouth. If there is interest, it comes to you, if there is no interest, it leaves you and goes to others.

Lucky are the people who understand this in time. Because most people don’t realize they have time, and when they do, it’s too late.

Never think that you are nothing and never think that you are everything.

But it will always make you think that you must do something. That can do everything.

Never be afraid to look at the rate. And don’t be arrogant if you win because the rate is important or the winner is important, understand its value first. Life is just a game, it’s just a game. And in this game of life, everyone has different kinds of dreams. But not just dreaming, you have to work hard to make the dream come true.

There is no benefit in blaming fate. Because you have to light the lamp of your own destiny.

This time of your life is very precious. So don’t waste this time thinking nonsense.

You show the answer to those who have bad thoughts about your dreams with your success. There is no need to waste time talking to them.

In the end, this is the truth – sit on the ground and stop looking at the sky. Start flying to match the wings. Because people only see flying. The function of the waves is to make noise. Success will be that which works silently.