Sometimes in life there comes a time when no road can be seen. All the doors seem to be closed. We crowd from within, as if we have lost to ourselves. I do not know when our trouble will end. We did no harm to anyone. So why do we have to face so many problems?

No one wants to understand our sorrow. There is no one I can call a true partner. That this time of sorrow will come to me. Come and stand by my side. And take care of me.

I became so lonely that my desire to live died. It seems that death is better than such a life.

Nobody cares about my tears, my tears. The one I think of as my everything is none of mine. He who I think is my whole world does not value me so much. The one for whose happiness I bet myself has nothing to do with my troubles or my sorrows.

Looks like there’s nothing that will see me. Everyone is busy with their own interests.

There is no one who will unselfishly love only me. No matter how much I do good for someone, I never get his mind.

People don’t stay with him but come back to annoy him. It’s just as problematic from all sides. No road can be seen, no goal. I am alone in this road of life.

The man who only goes through hardships can do great things in the world. That man can do something in life.

In times of happiness you become a normal person. But in the time of sorrow a great man is born in you. Trouble will show you the truth of your life that you will never see in the time of happiness. His courage and ability will increase a lot.

One thing to remember is that the problem is not to lose you, the problem is to build and build yourself. Comes to give a beautiful life.

To tell the truth that man himself has never gone through hardships, he will never understand the sufferings of others. And this hardship of yours will lead you to your goal. This loneliness will make you realize that you are alone enough to be happy.

In reality the problem just isn’t too big. We just think of ourselves as small. And when you accept the rate thinking you are small, the problem will get bigger and scare you. But when you make yourself so big that every problem becomes small to you, then every problem, every trouble will be lost to you. Can’t hurt you. And you will always win this battle of happiness and sorrow in life.

Hereto will be the one who will accept the rate in his mind. And the one who never wants to give up will win. You don’t have to fight this fight with anyone else in your life. You have to fight this battle with yourself. You have to fight with your thoughts, with your hardships, with your weaknesses, with your loneliness.

It’s not that there is no way out, it’s that you have the ability to find a way out of every problem.

It’s not that you’re alone. No one else is with you.

The point is, you have the power to solve problems.

Truth be told, no problem in the world has so much power in any hardship that it will win over your strength. So stop crying, stop getting sad. Awaken your inner strength and courage and show that you have overcome every difficulty.